Project Initiation - How it all started


After several successful partnerships with associations of different kinds, the Heart of Gold Project was initially launched in the USA in 2006.

With the acquired knowledge that many private persons are in possession of items containing precious metals, which have no meaningful value for them and thus are uselessly stored in the farthest corners of drawers and cupboards, often long forgotten, we developed the idea to collect those "forgotten treasures" and transform them into valuable monetary donations for charity associations.

Additionally, the Heart of Gold-Europe team is supporting associations by organizing events and campaigns. These activities are precisely tailored to the needs and wishes of each association.


                                                        The board of SOS Martosdogs e.V. about the experience with Heart of Gold-Europe

Since many years, our association SOS Martosdogs e.V. has been benefiting from the dental donation campaigns organized by the Heart of Gold-Europe charity project of the recycling trading company RTC - Norphone.

Like all the other non-profit organizations, we urgently need donations to support our animal welfare work.

This year, we can look forward to a new, attractive donation project that will give us a gilded start into 2018 thanks to the diligent hands of the Heart of Gold-Europe team.

Our donors are asked in a personal letter, to donate unusable old silver and gold items – such as old or broken jewelry or dental waste crowns.

The flyer design as well as the envelope preparation was done by the friendly and knowledgeable Heart of Gold-Europe staff. Even the postage costs were completely refunded! - A small luxury, which we appreciate a lot.

Since we wanted to attach the address data of our donors handwritten on the envelopes, the Heart of Gold-Europe team sent the whole package perfectly prepared to us.

Especially, we would like to thank our personal contact for the very close, reliable and individually to our needs tailored cooperation.

We are very much looking forward to the participation of our donors.

Of course, this action will also be advertised on our homepage and we hope for an even greater response.

                                                                                                    Barbara Rigutto and Ursula Jetter

                                                                                               Board of Directors SOS Martosdogs e.V.




We work as the extended arm of your association in order to collect precious metal items from your donors.

Once collected, the donations will be sent to our laboratory where they are analyzed to their exact value.

Based on the London Stock Exchange value, you will receive the cash equivalent of the proceeds.

For each melting process you will receive a detailed report attesting the precious metals contained in the donated items.

Transparency is our top priority at every stage of the fundraising action!


& Campaigns

We offer sponsorships for parties, events, celebrations etc. where we match your fundraising campaign with our innovative  concept.

Whether we undertake all the planning or send our staff in order to support you. We want to help to make your vision become reality.

collection boxes

In all dental practices is precious metal waste in form of old dental crowns, bridges or prostheses.

Many patients are willing to donate their “dental waste”. We offer you to set donation boxes in dental practices which are willing to support your association. Every six months, the boxes are picked up and the contents are analysed on their exact value.

For a complete transparency you get a copy for each pick up containing the address of the practice.

Once the analysis is finished, we will transfer the proceeds according to the daily updated value of the London Stock Exchange.

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