Frequently Asked Questions

What type of metals can I donate?
Anything that consist of or contains gold, silver, platinum or palladium can be donated. That includes old and/or damaged jewellery, watches, dental crowns, gold or silver coins or other objects. Even mixed metals such as rose gold or white gold, so-called alloys, are absolutely suitable as donations and will help many organisations.


What exactly happens to my donation after I have sent it in?
Your donation is sent to an analysis laboratory to melt the metal and have it analysed for its value. For this, the current market value rate is used as a reference. After the metal’s sell, 90% of the resulting money amount is forwarded to the respective organisation as a donation in your name.


Can I have my donation appraised by you before I donate it?
Unfortunately we do not have the capacities to have precious metals appraised in an additional pre-step before we treat it as a donation to an organization. Our service is entirely dedicated to the good cause, so you can be sure: every ever so tiny donation helps!


Will I receive a message on how much my donation was worth?
Most of the time it cannot be foreseen how much precious metal a metal object contains. The amount can be so small that the expenditure for sending a message to the donator would surpass the value of the donation. Your donation would seep away in bureaucratic mechanisms and not arrive at the organisation it is meant for to fulfil its purpose. As we want to make sure donations are used where they are needed, we are not able to send out individual notifications on the donations’ value.


Will I receive a certificate for my donation?
It is up to each organisation to which you donated to decide if and how it will send you a donation certificate. If you wish to receive more information on this, please contact the organisation you donated your precious metal to.


Does my donation really arrive at the organisations?
We forward 90% of the money resulting from the metals’ sell directly and without bureaucratic or geographic detours to the organisations to which it is destined. As we use the remaining 10% to cover our own costs of employees and material such as envelopes, and thus invest in ongoing charity work, those 10% are applied in good sense and goodwill. If you wish to receive more detailed information on how donations are spent within a particular organisation, please contact them directly.


Are there any costs for donators or organisations?
During the entire process, there are no costs for either donators or organisations. Starting with the preparation and signing of the partnership contract, to postage and shipping of the special envelopes for valuable objects, as well as receipt, analysis and sell of the metals up until the money transfer to the organisations, Heart of Gold is bearing all expenses.


Which other services does Heart of Gold offer?
If requested, Heart of Gold also offers long- or short-term campaigns that are tailored to the needs and wishes of an organisation in order to raise awareness for a project’s purpose and activities. Furthermore we can sponsor events and either do the entire planning and execution or act as a support in the process. Our team accompanies you in the way you want, either counsel by e-mail and phone, or be on site. If you would like to have more information, you can contact us by e-mail or phone.


If you have any more questions, we are happy to answer them by e-mail or phone.