Who we are

With over thirty years of experience as the leader in the recycling of precious metals, Norphone Production decided in 2006 to start financial aid campaigns for programmes of various charity organisations in Europe. After several successful partnerships with organisations, the project Heart of Gold first came to life in the USA.
Rich in experience and crowned with success, we now brought the project back to its literal source of inspiration in Europe to contribute to society in an even more meaningful way than by only recycling precious metals.
Our international team has its European central office in Paris and is wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting your charity.
Revolving around our partnerships with charity organisations and an innovative way to make a donation, we provide a broad service in order to help organisations advance financially, bring a higher level of awareness to their purpose – and give something back to society.


What we do

As we know from experience how difficult it has become for charity organisations to find funding or obtain grants, Heart of Gold is helping them offer an alternative way for their supporters to make a donation. So that everyone who would like to make a donation to a good cause will be able to do so!
We don’t ask people for money, but for old precious metal: a damaged necklace, an earring whose match is untraceable, rings that are no longer worn, an old watch, dental crowns, gold or silver coins etc. What might seem worthless at first glance serves a worthy cause as a donation.
With professional know-how, our laboratories analyse the donated metal for its worth. Afterwards we sell the precious metal according to its current market value and donate 90% of the resulting sum to the respective organisation – all in the name of the person who made the donation.